Anti-Dumping Tariffs: How to Compete
anti-dumping tariffs

For many years, we’ve all known how important Chinese products have been within society. For a long time, they enabled the US citizens to have a choice in terms of pricing even with the small sacrifice or perhaps a question mark over quality. However, Chinese imports have grown more and more common to the point […]

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Purchase Orders: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?
purchase orders

Within every business, there are certain processes integral to success and one of these should be your purchase orders. Sure, you give invoices to people who buy your products but what about the other way around? Just as important, you should also be issuing purchase orders to all your suppliers. If you’re not doing this […]

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E-Commerce Shifts and the De Minimis Rule
e-commerce shifts

In the last decade alone, the world has made a dramatic shift over to technology and the internet. For generations, we were intent on visiting stores and buying products in a face-to-face transaction. In 2017, it is widely expected for CBP to process $2.5 trillion worth of goods in trade. With smartphones, tablets, computers, and […]

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FCA vs FOB Incoterms: Who Pays the Origin Charges?

Recently, I worked on a bid for a Fortune 100 company within the technology industry. Instantly, I realized they had the bid template listed with the Incoterms of FCA Suzhou. According to ICC 2010, the shipper bears the responsibility for getting the cargo to the named FCA location. However, there is no legislation regarding origin […]

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